How do I got more verbose output with sendmail?

How do I got more verbose output with sendmail?

Post by Brian Mill » Tue, 05 May 1998 04:00:00

>I send my emails using sendmail. I use my ISP's SMTP server. My problem
>is this. I send the mails when I connect using sendmail -q. I get no
>feedback whatsoever in the xterm window. When I used smail, I used the
>-v option and got reasonable feedback. With sendmail, -v gives *too*
>much info. All I want is something to tell me that messages have been
>sent and accepted by the server.

Do you have access to the expect scripting language?
You might write a script that runs sendmail and greps for the valid
information upon completion of your mailing?

...or maybe you could use elm/pine? there are a host of good
text-based mail programs that are easier to use than sendmail.



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