Kingston KNE 20BT ethernet card

Kingston KNE 20BT ethernet card

Post by Neil Zanell » Tue, 24 Feb 1998 04:00:00


Does anyone know whether the ethernet card Kingston KNE 20BT is
usable on a Red Hat Linux 5.0 kernel 2.0.32 operating system?
The card would be used for cable modem networking.
I could not find it in the most recent Linux hardware compatibility-HOWTO.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Neil Zanella


1. kingston kne-pc2t pcmcia ethernet card driver

could someone tell me what driver i should use with this card?  is there
some kind of "generic" driver that can be used with cards that dont have
drivers specifically written for them.  i know it is possible to use the
kne-pc2t, because it is in the list of supported ethernet cards, but i
just dont know what driver to use.

i would really appreciate and info/experiences having to do with
ethernet/pcmcia that you might want to mail me

thanks, Matt Gumbel

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