Lost Mandrake 6.0 X-login screen

Lost Mandrake 6.0 X-login screen

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Not sure what you mean by Mandrake Screen, but since you know
get the KDE login screen I'm assuming that you mean gdm. (It's
the login screen with the Gnome foot mascot)
go to /etc/X11
In there is a symbolic link called prefdm.
Type which gdm
this should give you the path to gdm (probably /usr/bin)
delete prefdm
ln -s /usr/bin/gdm prefdm
(replacing /usr/bin/gdm with whatever the real path was if
Now reboot, and you should be greeted by gdm.

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1. Lost Mandrake 6.0 X-login screen

Last night, I logged out of my X-session to shutdown the computer from
the Mandrake 6.0 X-login screen.  When the X-login screen appeared,
I lost all contact with the system.  No mouse, no keyboard, nothing.
I tried Ctrl-Alt-Del, but that didn't register, either.

So I hit the power switch.  Upon re-start, I had to manually run fsck.
I did that, and after the next re-boot, I lost the Mandrake login
screen.  I also lost the desktop settings from my user account, but I'm
not so worried about that one.

What appears is the normal KDE login screen.  So, my questions is:  How
do I get the Mandrake screen back?  I like being able to change window
managers so easily.

If there's a web-site, or FAQ, or anything, please let me know.  And
obviously direct e-mail/post would be appreciated.


- Jason

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