PROBLEM: LILO & Transfer of Linux System from old HD to new HD.

PROBLEM: LILO & Transfer of Linux System from old HD to new HD.

Post by Daniel Cave - Unix Administrato » Sat, 29 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I wonder if anyone can help me with a small problem that I have.

I've moved my Linux system from a 1.7Mb Quantum Scirocco to a 2Gb Maxtor
Bigfoot on an EIDE bus.

I backed up my old system with my DAT drive and setup the new disk with
all the partitions  that I needed for my filesystems. When I created the
partition tables in cfdisk/fdisk I made /dev/hda1 bootable, Linux File

I mounted all the new partitions onto /new/ and extracted my old system
backup onto the new disk under /new on another LINUX system that I have.

Everything went fine, except when I booted the new disk using the new
fstab, and the redhat bootdisk doing the following..

LILO: mount root=/dev/hda1 ro (this booted my new system and the system
came up fine.)

When I tried to get LILO to install itself on the MBR of the new disk
using /sbin/lilo -v, it wouldn't install, and every time I re-booted
without the boot disk, at the point where LILO usually kicks in, I got
the message 'Missing Operating System'

I know what the problem is.. there isn't anything on the MBR of my new
disk, but how do I fix this so that I have LILO booting the kernel??

Please help!


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