X Server trouble

X Server trouble

Post by Norman Levi » Tue, 12 Sep 2000 05:05:04

> Hi ! guys a just installed linuxPPC 1999. It's a reinstall on a brand
> new quantum fireball 15gig ls.
> So I did a full install. Everythings went alright but a can't get
> Xwindow to serve me.
> As I login as root, didn't try any other user login'in - anyway - I got
> this message :

> execue failed for /etc/X11/X (errno 2)

> X11TransSocketUNIXConnect:
> can't connect : errno=111
> giving up
> xinit : Connection refused  (errno 111)
>      unable to connect to X Server
> xinit : No such process (errno3):
>     Server error

> end of messages.
> Have any clue?
> I haven't changed anything so far execpt :

> last line of inittab :
> "x:5:respawn:/usr/bin/X11/xdm -nodaemon"
> config the PREF in Xclients :
> I wrote for GNOME "gnome-session"
> changed the mod for 755
> X starts at runlevel 5

** why the hell do people think the natural state of things
is X?  After reading these groups, doesn't anybody every LEARN
that getting X is akin to a black art?  And you ONLY get X running
after you tested it out?  You do NOT install and have X as you login
process.  You login at a tty 0 (say /dev/tty1) and then you stry
'startx'.  And from there, you get yourself into trouble.  Anything
else shows either great faith, or stupity.  I am NOT picking you.  Your
append was just a classic.  BTW - I make NO pretense to being able to
solve your problem.  But I certainly know how to NOT get into that
problem in the first place.  So, try at the lilo prompt, "linux single"
and fix your /etc/inittab to so you come up to run level 3.  Then play
games with X.  Never*around with X at a sensitive, crucial time like
boot time.
Norman Levin

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  Dear Readers,
       This is the 4th week that I have tried to get Linux to recognize
       my Panasonic SoundBlaster CD- ROM. I have tried to mount it using
       the Soundblaster CD drivers Etc. It is for this reason that I am
       still left wondering...... I have a 486 DX 33Mhz,Cirrus VL 5428
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       tells me that it has reconized my CD-ROM and so I feed my Root disk.
               The trouble is that when I try to run Linux Slackware from my CD-ROM
       it tells me, CD Device Timed out and ignores my CD totally.
              As far as I am aware this problem has been reported by lots
       of people with the same CD's as myself.
               Maybe it is '' About time for a correction''. Maybe Panasonic knows
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              Thank you.
                M. Rokach.

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