Redhat 3.03 install problem

Redhat 3.03 install problem

Post by Bob Gibs » Thu, 29 Aug 1996 04:00:00

  Having just purchased a copy of "Red Hat Linux Unleashed" I was
looking forward to getting it installed so that I could have an
opportunity to finally get a chance to play with Linux.
Unfortunately, I've yet to get anything but "kernel panic".  For
some reason, I can't get it to recognize the CD.

  One persone suggested that instead of trying to use the floppy-
less install, that I really ought to build the boot diskettes.
I'm going to try that next.

  The questions I have are:

- Is there any easy way to verify that the port and IRQ that I
  specified is correct?  I see the CD access light come on very
  briefly at the end of the boot process, just before the kernel
  panic.  If I change the port or IRQ, the access light never
  comes on, and I get a slightly different message prior to the

- The panic message seems to indicate that the CD can't be read
  using the specified port & IRQ.  Is there a program that can
  be used to verify that these values are correct?  And if they
  aren't, help me determine the correct values to be used?

- I am using the IRQ number from the device driver statement in
  my DOS config.sys.  Is this the one I should actually be using?

- How, generally should one determine the actual port & IRQ
  combination?  Trial and error is not a satisfying technique.

- Is there a way to pause the bootup messages?  There are points
  during the process that I can almost read some kind of message
  indicating a problem, but it/they quickly get scrolled off the
  screen. (Why doesn't the kernel "panic" at the first failure?)

- During the boot process, I get a quick "warning" message about
  some kind of unrecognized PCI "device".  Since I couldn't even
  get beyond the kernel panic, I have't even thought about how
  to go about figuring out what this is.  Is there some kind of
  device list someplace that is kept (reasonably) up to date?  I
  would eventually like to figure this one out so that I could
  make use of all my hardware.

Thanks in advance

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1. HELP: RedHat 3.03 CD install problem

MS Windows 3.1 recognizes my CD ROM, but Linux doesn't.

I bought a Multimedia kit that came with a HiFidelity 16 bit
sound card and a IDE CD ROM.  When MS Windows boots, the
CD driver prints to the screen that the CD ROM is an
IDE/ATAPI CD ROM.  But when I am installing Linux (using
the Floppyless install mechanism that RedHat provides)
it can not find the CD ROM, and then I get a kernel panic
because it can not mount the root filesystem (which I am
guessing is the CD ROM).

When MS Windows boots, it initializes the sound card, and
the initialization prints to the screen that the card is
being initialized in Sound Blaster Pro mode.  So I retried
the Linux installation choosing Sound Blaster as my CD ROM
interface (instead of IDE).  It prompts me for boot parameters.
I first tried no parameters.  It probed 20 some odd ports
looking for the CD ROM.  It didn't find it, then it paniced
as above.  I retried the installation using the port numbers
the MS Win sound card installation program reports are being
used.  It reported 3 ports.  One port was the CD ROM, one
was some chip name or something, and one had no clear
qualifier, but I assume it is the sound card it self.  I have
retried all of those, and nothing has worked.  My boot param
line is of the form:  "sbpcd=0x170,SoundBlaster"
I also tried choosing IDE as my CD ROM interface, and then
adding the boot param, but that failed also.

Can anyone give me any suggestions?

I'm going to try building floppy disks tonight, but I don't
have much hope that that is the problem.



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