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Does anyone have any experience in setting up mgetty and related files
to run as a PPP server?
I am in desperate need of help.
thank you .


1. AutoPPP/mgetty under Redhat 5.1

I am having problems with AutoPPP under 2.0.35 kernel in Redhat 5.1.

I have read all the FAQ's and HOWTO's on mgetty, ppp and other associated
areas.  mgetty seems to work (according to the logs) and pass on the
following parameters to pppd:

08/05 11:45:05 ##### data dev=ttyE0, pid=516, caller='none', conn='33600',
name='', cmd='/bin/login', user='/AutoPPP/'

pppd then is called, however something goes wrong between the above and
here.  I have tried to compile the latest version of pppd, however
installing it as per the instructions causes kernel compiling errors so I
revert back to the standard pppd included with Redhat 5.1.

pppd log:

Aug  5 12:05:20 leviticus PAM_pwdb[597]: bad username [/AutoPPP/]
Aug  5 12:05:20 leviticus login[597]: FAILED LOGIN 1 FROM (null) FOR
/AutoPPP/, User not known to the underlying authentication module
Aug  5 12:05:23 leviticus PAM_pwdb[597]: bad username

Aug  5 12:05:23 leviticus login[597]: FAILED LOGIN 2 FROM (null) FOR

underlying authentication module
Aug  5 12:05:27 leviticus PAM_pwdb[597]: bad username

Aug  5 12:05:27 leviticus login[597]: FAILED LOGIN 3 FROM (null) FOR

authentication module

If anyone could help me with the above problem it would be much appreciated

Many thanks in advance


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