Looking 3 info on Linux <=> WfW 3.11 using NULL MODEM cables ( & winsock)

Looking 3 info on Linux <=> WfW 3.11 using NULL MODEM cables ( & winsock)

Post by The J8ded O » Thu, 17 Oct 1996 04:00:00


  I'm trying desperately to configure my Linux system to accept
incoming PPP connection over a NULL modem cable from a WfW 3.11
machine. I have looked at the NET-2-HOWTO repeatedly but have been
unable to decifer the needed information? If anyone knows of any other
resources available concerning this topic I would appreciate it


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I've a direct serial PPP connexion between a Linux and a Windows 95 box.
It works flawlessly when I use the Trumpet Winsock, but I don't know how to
use Microsoft's one (dialup networking).
I need it for SMB/NetBIOS (Network Neighbourhood) and vnc
(http://www.orl.co.uk/vnc/) who refuses to work with Trumpet...
I even tried to rewrite my own mdmxxx.inf driver, but without any docs...

Thanks in advance,


PS: thanks for CCing me


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