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Subject: Re: BEWARE of RED HAT LINUX CD's                            

IMowasting bandwidth on MY BEWARE of RED Hat thats what
IMoI refer to folks ...when I say Beware of Red Hat :) note the snip below
IMoof course the customer is wrong...


IMoThose who are thinking about purchasing from Red Hat should know that
IMothe purchasing from Red Hat rules...

IMo1.Pay up front (which us paying people don't mind)
IMo2.Follow the Red Hat instruction book and report a detailed!!! problem

IMo  detailed!!! response to another email address located guess where...
IMo  (talk about bandwidth waste)at

IMo3 Don't complain or you get trashed in public.!!!

IMoAs far as this rest of "Ice-man"'s messages are concerned:  it appears he
IMohad an argument with Red Hat's auto response message ;-)  The odd part is
IMothat the auto response message was clearly indicated as such.

IMoWhen this error was pointed out to him (and the correct answer to his
IMohardware problem provided) he became even more annoyed.


  I got in on the middle of this flame war and am an abject newby.  Are there
recurring problems of the same kind with the Redhat version?  I am running
the Slackware version and have read about the availability of different
versions of Linux.  I would most graciously appreciate it if someone would
point my nose in the right direction to a source which could explain
the differences in the different versions.  I have the Dr. Linux book
and am just starting the Running Linux book.  I have Linux up and running
on a dedicated 540mb hard drive just for Linux.  I have X-Windows up
working through the Accelerated-X software upgrade as the original drivers
for my Matrox Ultima II card were not on the original distribution.
  If one feels that a reply would be wasting bandwidth feel free to e-mail
me.  TIA.

                                        Best regards,
                                        Kurt (the CMOS nemesis)

Make sure your CMOS is user replaceable!

 * 1st 2.00 #6533 *  I don't have the answer but I admire the problem!



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