MCA Linux (Linux for PS/2 Microchannel)

MCA Linux (Linux for PS/2 Microchannel)

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> I don't have a complete thread, so if this is redundant please excuse.

> The MCA stuff for Linux is at

> There is Slackware boot and install disks supporting MCA. It won't
> mouse and parallel port (printer) so you would have to build a new kernel
> after installation There is a patch which includes the MCA stuff into the
> production 2.0.35 kernel.

> RedHat: There is boot disks up to version 5.0. I've just uploaded for
> version 5.1, but it might take a couple of days before it shows in the
> RedHat directory. Version 5.2 is coming soon.

> Chr. Hansen

If you look at the new kernel configs you will see a tree to add mca
support for hd, nics, etc, is a good source for info

Art I.

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1. MCA Linux (Linux for PS/2 Microchannel)

I'm trying to install Linux on an old PS/2 model 57 486SLC and
the web-page listed in the HOWTOs is unresponsive and the email
of the maintainer no longer exists.

The web pages are

Does anyone know what happened to this web page? Has it moved
somewhere else? Is there a new maintainer?

Similarly, does anyone know if current versions of Slackware
have support for Microshannel hardware? I know that Debian is
supposed to have this support, but I'm used to Slackware.


- Jeff Dutky

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