UPS: Viewsonic (Optiquest) OptiUPS 650E

UPS: Viewsonic (Optiquest) OptiUPS 650E

Post by Christopher C. T » Thu, 08 Aug 1996 04:00:00


        I would like to get my OptiUPS 650E working with Linux
somehow.  I've read the UPS Howto as well as the, but
everything seems so far off from my situation - especially given the
fact that my Viewsonic documentation says it supports the "Dumb UPS signalling
standard" (!!) to allow most UPS software to run in dumb mode.  

        Has anyone gotten a Viewsonic/Optiquest UPS running with Linux

FYI:  Viewsonic Documentation

Pin Assignment:

                                \ 5 4 3 2 1 /
                                 \ 9 8 7 6 /

PIN 1   Remote Turn-On
PIN 2   UPS simulates a relay closing between pin 2 and pin 4 when
        input power fails.
PIN 3   Not connected
PIN 4   Common for pin 2 and pin 5.
PIN 5   UPS simulates a relay closing between pin 5 and pin 4 when
        the battery inside the UPS has less than 5 minutes backup
        time left.
PIN 6   User sends a RS232 high level (5-15V) for 3 secs.  This signal
        will turn off the UPS until proper input voltage returns.  It can
        operate only if UPS is in battery mode.  This pin is also used
        as the RS232 receiver pin (RXD).
PIN 7   Common for pin 6 and pin 9.
PIN 8   Not connected
PIN 9   RS232 transmitter pin (TXD).

        1.  Pin 2 and pin 5 are open collector outputs which must be
        pulled up to a common referenced supply, switch rating: +40 V, 0.15A

        2.  Pin 4 and pin 7 should only be connected to ground.

My Note:  I believe (RXD) and (TXD) (pins 6/9) are used for the
                "smart" UPS communication.


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1. Viewsonic OPTIUPS 650E


        I have read the UPS-HOWTO and would like to set up my
Linux 2.0.8 box with a Viewsonic (OptiQuest) OptiUPS 650E.  

        I *am* a Linux newbie but am willing to work hard and
learn.  Before I get started, has anyone out there worked
with the OptiUPS 650E before?  I do have the cable pinout
with the cable that came with the UPS.

        Please e-mail me any replies, and also let me know if
you would like a copy of the solution if I ever find one.  I
would be happy to post it and/or give ie to the HOWTO maintainer.


Christopher C. Tan
QWICLab, Queen's Univerity in Kingston

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