Linux, Win95, Win3.11/DOS setup

Linux, Win95, Win3.11/DOS setup

Post by Brian J. Lalo » Mon, 05 Feb 1996 04:00:00

With the purchase of a 1.6G HD, I want to put on Linux, Win95, and
Win3.11/DOS.  I'm not sure what I would want to boot to by default, but
that shouldn't matter.  I'm concerned because I've heard that there is a
specific order to the install and I don't want Win95 to have complete and
total reign over my system.  
I've also heard various good and bad things about LILO and the OS/2 Boot
Manager.  What's the preferred BM, and is the OS/2 BM freely available or
at least cheap?
Also, will LILO be able to deal with 2 hd's, esp. if I want to put an OS
on each, or should I partition my big drive to have each OS on it?

Thanks in advance.


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