Help : subshell.c : couldn't open master side of pty

Help : subshell.c : couldn't open master side of pty

Post by Cedric Chauss » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I have a RH5.2 with Gnome i recently installed.

I've noticed a stranger error message when i quit Midnight Commander
in consoles.

It reads :

subshell.c : couldn't open master side of pty
pty_open_master : Format error for exec()

It did it when I invoked MC while logged as two different users. But
it did not do it while i was logged as root.

Could this be due to the fact i have also a problem with Gnome
terminals that wont load because ptys98 ar not properly configured ?

Anyone have an idea ?

Thanks in advance

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