Obscure IBM Thinkpad (310ED) Xconfig?

Obscure IBM Thinkpad (310ED) Xconfig?

Post by Charles Bla » Sat, 07 Feb 1998 04:00:00

    Has anyone else gotten X to work on an IBM 310 Thinkpad?  This is
a bottom-of-the-line model which I have not seen listed on a web site
for linx thinkpads.  I can't get my mouse to work, and I'm also not sure
what to put in for monitor and graphics card data in the Xconfig file.

  Thanks for any help,
  Charles Blair


1. Linux on IBM Thinkpad 310ED

I am a Linux newbie and was wondering if I could get some guidance...

I just intastalled linux on my IBM Thinkpad 310ED.  I have two issues I need
to clear up:

1.  My Thinkpad has a Chips and Tech 65550 PCI card.  In windows 95 I can
run a 800X600 LCD panel with 800 X 600 resolution.  In Linux the best I can
do is 640X480 panel and 640 X480 display.  If I try to run 640 X 480 display
on 800 X 600 panel the quality of the screen is bad (i.e. the fonts look
roughed up and everything looks generally crappy).  Does anyone know of a
tweak I can use to get my display to be 800X600 panel and display?

2.  Also, my Thinkpad has a Yamaha Oplsa 3x sound card.  I can't get it to
work with any configuration.  Any words of wisdom?  thanks


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