tape I/O error - help needed

tape I/O error - help needed

Post by Borries Demel » Tue, 23 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I have a Colorado T4000 SCSI internal tape drive (8GB compressed). The
SCSI controller is an Adaptec 1510A w/o bios. Using the appropriate
"append" command in LILO I can get it to recognize the tape drive during
kernel boot from either 1.2.13 or 1.3.93. Also, the tape retensions during
boot, if it is inserted into the drive.

The proper signature of the tape drive is reported during bootup.

But here is my problem:

a command like "mt -f /dev/st0 reten" causes this error message:

/dev/st0 retension 1 failed: I/O error
the same with /dev/nst0
What am I doing wrong? I got adaptec aha152x, tape and generic SCSI
support compiled into the kernel. The device /dev/st0 is created under /dev

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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We are testing Red Hat Linux 2.7.21 on an IBM 386 machine with 24 MB
of memory.  We installed everything fine.  Afterwards we added a
Seagate STD68000-N 4mm tape drive (also called an Archive Python
02779-xxx drive) and Linux recognized it as SCSI drive st0.  The
problem is when attempting to read tapes it consistantly gives
blocksize errors.  When displaying the tape it can tell me the tape is
512K and 61000 bpi.  I am using the tar command and tried setting
blocksize to 1 (Nx512] as well as 512 and neither works.  We can read
the tapes on our RS/6000 and it confirms the blocksizes are 512.

My question is: Is there something else I must do to get Linux to read
the tape.  In AIX I must do a MKDEV (make device) to set up a drive
definition but Linux seems to do this interactively, or does it?  The
problem is not SCSI addresses nor termination as these have been
verified.  Any suggestions would be appreiciated.  Thanks in advance.
Stephen F. McGovern

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