Partitioning problem with Win95

Partitioning problem with Win95

Post by Jason Nuge » Fri, 26 Sep 1997 04:00:00

        Hi Linux people,

        I have read the FAQ's first in order to find a solution to my
problem, but I can't find any literature.  If someone reads this and can
tell me if there is an FAQ to this, that would be cool!  If someone could
explain it anyway, that would be cool too :)

        Ok... I have a 3.2 Gig Fireball ST drive right now, with Win95
installed (OSR2).  The drive is split into a primary C: partion, 400 megs,
for booting and system files, and an extended partion that contains D:,
the rest of the drive, for file storage and applications.  the D:
partition is FAT32.  Now, I have read info on resizing one big drive, but
not a whole lot talks about resizing an extended partition.
        what I would like to do is shrink D:, create some free space,
preferably keep it FAT32 (4 k cluster sizes), and either make a new drive
for Linux or just reformat the free space I would create and put Linux
there.  I would like to leave 600M of space for Linux, since I am the sole
user and that should be lots.
        I have partition magic 3.02something, but when I try to resize D:
it changes the cluster size up to 32K (from 4K) and it seems like I lose a
lot of space.  Could I get around this by resizing D:, creating the
free space, and then resizing the cluster size on D: before I install
Linux to get back what I lost?
        I plan to be able to boot into Linux so I want to put Lilo on my
MBR afterward.
        It's the Powertools Redhat 4.2 distribution I have.

        I really hope someone can offer insight.

                        Thanks to all for reading,


Jason Nugent, BSc(Hons)

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