ATI Mach64 and SVGATextMode

ATI Mach64 and SVGATextMode

Post by Claudio Flein » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have an ATI Mach64 Card which works very well with the new
Mach64 Server under X. But when I try to use SVGATextMode with
the same clock values as in X86Config, it does not work at all.
Probably most the clock values returned by X are bogus.
It would be great if someone could mail me the correct clock values.


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1. SVGATextMode & ATI mach64

to have my video adapter, a generic mach64 mounted on the motherboard,
work with X, i had to install XFree 3.2

now i'm trying to get working SVGATextMode too, that i use at home
with an S3 card with real satisfaction

i have uncommented what follows in my TextConfig,

Chipset "ATIMACH32"            #  also used for MACH64
Clocks  100.00 126.00  92.40  36.00  50.35  56.64   0.00  44.90
Clocks  135.00  32.00 110.00  80.00  39.91  44.90  75.00  65.00
Clocks  50.00   63.00  46.20  18.00  25.17  28.32   0.00  22.45
Clocks  67.50   16.00  55.00  40.00  19.96  22.45  37.50  32.50


a) in STMmenu i see only a very limited list of video modes, and
   nothing really fancy, too

b) most of these modes lock my monitor, sometimes i have also to use
   the three finger salute

the only clue i could give, is what i said above: XFree 3.2 was
required to get X running, and SVGATextMode v 1.4 seems to me it's in
phase with the previous release of XFree86

any help will be overly appreciated, tia


ps per i lettori di it.comp.linux: scusate il post in inglese ma e'
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