Ghostscript & epson 9-pin

Ghostscript & epson 9-pin

Post by James Va » Wed, 31 May 1995 04:00:00

I've been trying to get ghostscript to work with:

gs -sDEVICE=epson (-r..)

and it seems to chew away for a while, a message saying to press Return
for more, etc, appears but there is no output to the printer and no
error messages to help. :(

There's a reference to a printer driver, does this mean /etc/printcap?

epson|epson: \
        :lp=/dev/lp1: \
        :sd=/usr/spool/lpd/epson: \

In /etc/profile I have "export PRINTER=epson".

Slackware 2.x binaries, Linux 1.2.8, no X.

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and lo, there was much rejoicing among the people, as

am i the only person who can't find this?

am i the only one who's looking? :)

seriously, i can't find eps-0.1.tar.z on tsx-11.  can you send me
a pointer?


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