Post by George E. Herrera » Tue, 02 Jan 1996 04:00:00

After battling with the Adaptec 2940, I've finally gotten my machine to boot
and install slackware 3.0 et al.

Unfortunately, after rebooting off the hard disk, a generic scsi kernal
comes up which doesn't know what to do with the 2940 controller.

I got the 2940 boot disk from
This boot disk came with a patch of some sort.

Question: How do I get an appropriate scsi kernal installed.  Do I just
replace the one on disk A4 with another?

Could you give me my next two or three steps and maybe the name of a
*-HOWTO to read.  

I *really* appreciate you help.




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I recently bought the O'Reilly CDROM set for Red Hat.
(The Running Linux Companion CDROM, Release 2.1)

Before I install, I'd like to know what the latest stable kernal is
and any instructions on how to install linux from the cdrom using an
updated kernal.  The version on the cd is 1312 probably 1.3.12.

What is rembrant ?  Is this the newest kernal?
I'd like to find something recent b/c my hardware is pretty new.
I have a P-166 with stealth 3D video card and a SB AWE 32 sound card.
My cdrom is the sony cdu31a, which gives some people a hard time
configuring. I also have a zip drive that I would like to get working
on linux.

Please email me with any suggestion or sources of info.

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