Enlightenment menus vs. GNOME menus

Enlightenment menus vs. GNOME menus

Post by Sean McAf » Mon, 19 Feb 2001 06:36:05

I run Slackware 7.0 at home with a GNOME/Enlightenment desktop.  When I
right-, left-, or middle-click on the desktop, I get an Enlightenment
menu.  By combining the Alt key (IIRC) with the click, I get GNOME's
behavior instead (ie, a selection rectangle for left-click, and a short
menu for right-click).  I like this behavior.

I recently installed TurboLinux 6.0 on a new laptop, which also runs
GNOME/Enlightenment by default.  However, Enlightenment's menus seem
to be inaccessible.  Every desktop mouse click is handled by GNOME,
no matter what combination of modifiers keys I add to the mix.

How can I arrange for Enlightenment to handle desktop mouse clicks
instead of GNOME?

Thanks in advance.

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the menu that comes up with a middle or right mouse button click.  I
cannot figure out how to do it.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Brian Flaherty

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