cannot install modules: (un)resolved symbols

cannot install modules: (un)resolved symbols

Post by Huib Wouter » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I have posted this message with another subject line but this one may be
more appropriate.


I tried to compile the ftape-4.xx driver for kernels
2.2.x and I had to do some hacking myself.

I only have a small problem now:

First I do:

/sbin/depmod -a

This should update the file /lib/modules/2.2.5-15/modules.dep

This file contains the lines:

/lib/modules/2.2.5-15/misc/zftape.o: /lib/modules/2.2.5-15/misc/ftape.o

So zftape.o depends on ftape.o.

Now I try to load these two modules:

/sbin/insmod ftape.o
/sbin/insmod zftape.o

Loading the first module works fine. But loading the second it complains
about "unresolvved symbols". However, these symbolds ARE resolved since
these are present in ftape.o.

Anyone can help? What am I doing wrong when loading the modules?


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1. kernel_version, *** Cannot resolve kernel symbols, and kernel modules

Hi all - Please help if you can!

I installed Linux PPC R4 from the CD on my G3/266 and used bootX from
the outset.  The CD installed 2.1.24, bootX started things up with
2.1.125 (grabbed separately).

Fine.  I had problems with serial port functionality, which I put down
to the fact that it wouldn't load modules.  I acquired the 2.1.125
modules and untarred them in root, they seemed to parallel 2.1.24
modules fine.  Now I get Unable to resolve messages.

I tried 2.1.24 using Open Firmware instead of bootX.  Lots of pain to
get it going, ppp is not a module here and neither is serial, so I can
work a little better, but still won't load modules.

What's going on?

So far as I can tell, /boot has a matching vmlinux and, I've
run quik.  I've run ldconfig in case this helps it to find symbols
(don't seem to have a manual page for this).  /var/log/debug includes a
kernel message soon after startup that says it has successfully loaded
10000 symbols from  kerneld is running.

insmod -v appletalk   (for example)

produces (on all kernel versions) something like...

(found a load of useless symbols)
Cannot find kernel_version in kernel or module
Need kernel_version

Seriously paraphrased, sorry.
I tried recompiling 2.1.24, I made sure module versioning was on.

What is the module-info file and how do I create it?  It wasn't created
by Makeing the source, or Making modules.

depmod -a produces lots of *** Unresolved symbol errors.  I think it is
depmod -a that produces the same stuff during boot.

nm -g module.o lists normal simple stuff like strcpy as being things
that it needs to link to.  Presumably these are statically compiled into
the kernel and regular libc is not used.  So again, all it should have
to do is to find these in, right?  And they seem to be listed

Sign.  I'm going round in circles, but I think that I've covered most

Thanks for any help

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