Print Spooling to JetDirectEX Boxes

Print Spooling to JetDirectEX Boxes

Post by Alex Ardali » Wed, 03 Dec 1997 04:00:00


I am wanting to spool print jobs to network printers using
JetDirectEX boxes so that NT machines on the network can spool
their jobs onto the Linux-redhat server.

Any clues?

Thanks, Alex


1. Print spool files filling /var/spool/printer

Solaris 2.6

I have started getting complaints from users that old documents are
being printer from one of our network printers.

Looking at the /var/print/spool directory I see that there are 100's of
spool files. The 10th file , date wise, is .printd.lock
doing a ps -ef also shows a printd process running
also there are about 20 lpr processes

I have no idea whats going on. Is it possible that this printd process
was interfeering with the spool directory ?
What does printd do ?

how can I investigate why spool files for this one particular printer
are filling up the spool directory ?

any suggestions would be appreciated and yes I am in RTFM mode.........


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