Linux and System Commander

Linux and System Commander

Post by Calvin Richte » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Greetings! I'm cross-posting this to three newsgroups. I hope I'm not
breaking any rules of netiquette.

I just tried installing RedHat 5.0 this evening. The install was amazingly
straightforward, with just a handful of exceptions.

First, the screen which prompts me for my monitor's vertical refresh rates
allows me to choose from several standard ranges (beginning with 50-70Khz)
or enter my own custom settings. But I can't figure out how to enter custom
settings on this page.

Secondly, how do I convince Linux and System Commander to co-exist? I'd like
to be able to boot Linux from System Commander's menu, but all Linux does is
install its own MBR, which wipes out SC. When I then run SC, it
re-establishes its own MBR, which in turns destroys Linux. SC's help says
something about Linux not writing a boot sector, and needing to set up SC to
"boot through" Linux's MBR, but it doesn't explain how.

Yes, I know Linux comes with a perfectly good boot loader, but I like SC.

Finally, does anyone know whether there is any support for the Brook Tree
Video video chipset? I may be able to get my hands on a decent graphics
card, but it uses BTV, and I'd like to know whether Linux will work with it.


Calvin Richter
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Linux and System Commander

Post by LEFEBVRE Cedri » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

First concerning you refresh rates you do not need to customize everything the
ones proposed are sufficient.

Concerning System Commander and Linux, you have to install Lilo on the partition
where Linux is, that way you can find it with System Commander. It works like
that on my own computer.
If you need more details ask me !

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Linux and System Commander

Post by Tom Pfeife » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00


With this setup, you just need to install Lilo in the Linux root
partition's boot sector, instead of in the MBR. Lilo can be installed
either way, and this is determined by the content of it's configuration
file /etc/lilo.conf

In this way, you can select the Linux partition from the SC menu, and SC
will then start the Lilo boot loader - which in turn boots Linux. This
is really no different from using SC to boot Win95, except of course
that the code in the respective boot sectors is different.

For example, if you have Linux's root partition as hda2, then the line
in /etc/lilo.conf would have to change

from: boot=/dev/hda   (install Lilo in MBR - and wipe out SC)
to:   boot=/dev/hda2  (install Lilo in partition's boot sector)

After editing /etc/lilo.conf, you need to run "lilo" from the command
line to actually install Lilo with this change included. On reboot, you
should still have SC there and be able to choose Linux from the menu. I
may be missing some of the details of how SC works, since I don't use it



1. System Commander problems (was Re: Possible to boot freebsd from system commander?)

I'm having the same problem at the moment.  I've managed to get
through configuring my other items (NT, 95, DOS).

I've upgraded from 2.1.5 to 2.2.2, hoping the upgrade would shake
things loose and write a boot-sector to the drive I want to boot
FreeBSD on, but no luck.  The symptom is a pop-up dialog (presented by
System Commander at boot time) that says the boot record is bogus (or
something like that).

Of course, I can still boot off my floppy (with Boot: sd(2,a)/kernel),
so I know there's something there that's bootable.

But, I'm having trouble understanding the three choices sysinstall
gives you for boot records.  Can anyone give me a clue as to the
correct choice here if I've installed System Commander on the 1st
drive, and FreeBSD on my 3rd drive (and for what it's worth, on the
1st partition).

I used to multiboot using the NT loader using the method of compiling
a bood program from the FreeBSD src somewhere, creating a bootsec
program which I then deposited on Drive C: and then mucked with the NT
loader configuration to present the FreeBSD choice.  But along with
reorganizing my big drive 1, I changed to System Commander to take
advantage of some of the other features SC has like partition-hiding
and multiple primary partitions on a single drive.

John Hight              hight

SRI International

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