Child Died on setup with Slackware

Child Died on setup with Slackware

Post by Nhu Lieu Viet N » Tue, 04 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Subject: Help, Error in 1st disk
Organization: CERFnet Dial n' CERF Customer

Hi all,

This is my first try at Linux installation with Slackware from

I use idecd and color144

Hardware includes: 486/66 USLogic, IDE CDROM (Soney CDU55E),
IDE drive.

After putting the first disk in, one of the message is

No BIOS32 present, this release still depend on it. Sorry

I disregarded this message.

A few more message include:

hda: WDC AC28950
hdb: CD-ROM CDU55E
RAMDISK: 1474560 bytes
VFS: Insert ramdisk floppy and press enter

I don't know what is the Ram Disk floppy so I just pressed

VFS: Disk change detected on device 2/28.
RAMDISK: Minix filesystems found at block 0
RAMDISK: Loading 1440 blodks into RAM disk
lines after lines of

child xxx died with code ff00

xxx run from 1 to over 10000

I had no problem with Plug and Play linux, but I want
to get the latest Slackware :_)

Help please :-))
What did I do wrong?

Oh, I have 8Meg of RAM :-))



1. slackware 2.3.0 boot problem (child #n died with code ff00)

This problem was already reported (at least once in July) but I
could not find any answer yet so I re-post it with few more details. I
booted my PC (which has only one 400MB DOS partition at this time out of
the WD 830MB total), with slackware 2.3.0 bare boot disk (the 1.2 M
As I figured out it recognized my disks configuraions properly (at least
it knew the total size of the HD and the size of the two floppies) and
since I have no SCSI controllers, I pressed the ENTER key and let it do
the job.
It was loading ramdisk (linux version 1.2.8) and it issued:

   Partition Check:

     hda: hda1

   RAMDISK: 1274560 bytes, starting at 0x001f0200
   VFS: Insert ramdisk floppy and press ENTER

at this point I was surprised since I was expecting it to ask me to
switch to the root floppy. Anyway, recalling it was once loading ramdisk
from the floppy and since the boot diskette was still there, I pressed
ENTER. And indeed it started working saying:

   RAMDISK: Minix filesystem found at block 0
   RAMDISK: loading 1200 blocks into RAM disk .........................

and after few seconds, it hanged into this loop, prompting every few

   child 1 died with code ff00
   child 2 died with code ff00
 Thanks Isaac.


I have 16 M RAM (8+8) Vesa Local Bus PC.

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