SB Awe32 & Audio CD's = no sound. help

SB Awe32 & Audio CD's = no sound. help

Post by dsea.. » Tue, 13 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to get Audio CD's to play through my Awe32 card. I got
workman and it runs just fine. The SCSI activity light flashes
constantly, so I know the disc is playing.

I compiled SB 16 and SB Pro support into my 1.2.9 kernel. But I fail
to hear anything from my speakers. Works fine in Windoze, so I know
the hardware is fine.

I assume the SB hardware is not getting initialized or something. I
have the CD output going into the SB card's amp. So, are there any
programs that will initialize my sound card so I can hear CD's?

Please e-mail all responses, and I'll post a summary in a week or so.


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