Q:Samba spawns processes and hangs thereafter....!?

Q:Samba spawns processes and hangs thereafter....!?

Post by Christian Sche » Thu, 03 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hi out there,

we have a linux cluster running nicely at our site and want to
"include" one or two Win95 boxes. We installed samba and have the
following problem: a samba demon is running and spawns a child when there
is a request from a Win box. Then things hang until the child is killed.
Anyone an idea what this could be???

Thanx in advance

Christian Scheer

Inst. f. Phonetik
Munich University


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hi, I was wondering what caused the amd process spawned more than one
process, when it does, from the ps we'll see there's more than
/usr/sbin/amd -F /etc/amd.conf process and all the /net won't be able
to be accessed, the uptime show high load and eventually the Linux Box
will die.

back in kernel 2.2.4, I can shut down the amd process and then kill
the extra amd process and restart the amd daemon, and it will start
working again, load will go down and /net can be accessed. I upgraded
the kernel to 2.4-18 with nfs3 client support. when this multiple
process happened, i can't kill anymore and has to do a hard reboot.
soft reboot won't work as it will hang there forever to umount /net

Just wondering if you guys have seen this before..this is really
killing me :(

Thank you.

- Atlas Yeo

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