RedHat 4.0 install & DPT SCSI

RedHat 4.0 install & DPT SCSI

Post by Matt Masu » Sat, 11 Jan 1997 04:00:00

OK, I've got a DPT 2021/95 ISA SCSI board in my system.  I downloaded the
RedHat 4.0 boot and supplemental disks so I could try out RedHat (I
intended to use ftp installation).  The boot disk boots fine, and I insert
the second disk in order to run the ftp installation.  However, when I
tell the system that I have a EATA-DMA SCSI card and let it autoprobe, the
system hangs with this message:

Kernel panic: No device found in allocate_device

All my drives are connected via the DPT, so without it I can't install
RedHat.  The current Debian boot/root/rescue disk detects the card and
all the devices with no problems.

My system:

486DX2-66 on a no-name VLB motherboard, 8MB RAM
DPT 2021/95 ISA SCSI card
  Quantum LPS-52S HDD
  Maxtor 7345S HDD
  Plextor SCSI CD-ROM
Hercules Graphite Pro VL graphics card
3Com 3C509B Ethernet

I've found other posts describing a similar problem using DejaNews,
but didn't find any solutions.  If anyone knows how I can fix this, I'd
really appreciate the help.



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I have an HP Pavillion 7360.

I've installed RedHat 4.0 from the Infomagic December disk set but I'm
having problems with my SIIG SCSI BusMastering IDE card the 3c509b ethernet

For the SCSI card when I select the AdvanSys driver I get a kernel panic
message saying something like "no devices in ...." and then it freezes :(

It just won't detect the Ethernet card.

Also I can't mount my C: drive. I've tried -t dos and -t umsdos but mount
just complains that it can't find a valid filesystem. When I look at
partition table with fdisk the type is "unknown". Should/can I set it to
16 Bit FAT > 32MB? I only wan't to mount it read-only anyway so I can't
screw it up from Linux (been there, done that on my Laptop with an "rm -rf"
in the wrong place)

Many thanks in advance,
Andrei Lenkei

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