Problem with ppp: ping works, telnet www don't (RedHat6.0)

Problem with ppp: ping works, telnet www don't (RedHat6.0)

Post by David A. Roge » Wed, 19 May 1999 04:00:00


Quote:>I have installed RedHat 6.0 (30-4-1999) and I try to get my ppp connection

>After a connection is established, ping works fine. also the nameserver
>works. I can do the following:

It looks like you tried to set up ppp by hand.  It is a lot easier to let the
Redhat tools do the work.  That is what they're their for.  Later you can
inspect the various setup files to see what was done if you like.

Log in as root and go into X.  Use the control-panel app to setup your modem
and ppp.  Once this is all done you can run ifup ppp0 on the command line and
it will dial your provider and Bob's your uncle.

This is an abbreviated description.  Go to the Redhat site and look for the
Redhat installation documentation.  There is a section on setting up ppp.
Read it carfully and do what it says.