ctrlaltdel & shutdown ques.

ctrlaltdel & shutdown ques.

Post by Michael Turn » Sat, 14 Oct 1995 04:00:00

System: AMD 486dx4 120
        ~600 Mb Western Digitial
          /dev/hda2 on / type ext2 (rw)
        Slackware v3.0

My question is this:
  When useing ctrl-alt-del to reboot it shuts down immedatly w/o syncing
  the disks (which is a hassle fdisking when starting up)
  Is there some way to get a more friendly reboot that will sync first?

from inittab:
ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t3 -rf now

This results in:
:Broadcast message from root (console) Fri Oct 13 09:43:38 1995...
:The system is going down NOW !!
:/sbin/reboot: illegal option -- t
:usage: reboot [-n] [-w] [-d]


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1. ctrlaltdel/shutdown: root fs not always unmounted


since a while I have a minor problem with ctrlaltdel soft: My root fs
is not properly unmounted anymore when I hit ctrl-alt-del, thus it is
not clean on the next reboot (the other filesystems are).

This started with the second last version of the utils distribution
(1.8 I think).

I checked that init (I use simpleinit) receives SIGINT and
consequently execs shutdown. By the way it calls shutdown with
/sbin/shutdown for argv[0] instead of just 'shutdown' but fixing this
didn't help.

When I execute shutdown/reboot/halt directly the root fs is properly
unmounted and is clean.

Is anyone else having this problem and knows what to do about it?

The next step would be to have shutdown send debugging messages to the
console but maybe someone has sorted this out already.

Thanks in advance,
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