Xfree86 & IBM Thinkpad

Xfree86 & IBM Thinkpad

Post by Paul Jo » Sat, 25 Feb 1995 23:24:06

I've finally managed to get Slackware 2.1 installed on a Thinkpad 340 after
two weeks.
My next task is to get X running. I've tried using ConfigXF86, but didn't get
very far with the the cards in the database.
Can anyone help me with this? A complete Config file would be nice :-) but
any pointers would be gratefully received.
Paul John
Voice +44 173 488 4768

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Hey all, I have a ibm thinkpad750C that I got FreeBSD2.1.0-RELEASE installed on
with Nate's kernel and bootflop image, but X doesnt wanna work.  Does anyone
have a XF86Config file that works with the 750C out there?  

read news ver often, thanx.

Alan Palmer

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