DA: Colorado T1000i

DA: Colorado T1000i

Post by Denn » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi.  My Windows 98SE/Red Hat-Mandrake 6.0 Linux machine has a Colorado T1000
internal tape unit.  Connected to floppy cable and takes either DC-2120 or TR-1

As I recall, I tried a backup of my Linux drive last summer with the KDE
backup.  Would get to the end of the backup and lock up.

I'd like to try and perform another backup.  What steps should I take?  Any
advice is much appreciated...Dennis


1. DA: T1000i tape backup

Hi.  Was looking into my RH 6.0 misc section.  Saw ftape.o and zftape.o.
Thought I'd give my Colorado T1000 internal tape unit (connected to floppy
cable) another try.

After [insmod ftape.o], and [insmod zftape.o], I ran my KDE's kDat.  In
perferences, I specified /dev/rft0.  I was able to mount and format both a
120Meg DC-2120 and a 400Meg TR-1.  The formats seems quick, only a minute or so
(was expecting an hour).

I can select a directory to backup and run the backup.  I see the backup taking
place.  At the end of the backup, however, KDat just sits there.  Doesn't
rewind.  Have to cancel backup.  If you unmount, remove and remount either
tape, nothing on them.  No restore or verifiy option available.

During the backup I finally figured out why the dialog box was displaying
garbage.  It's really displaying the binary files being backuped up. Any way to
display just the files names?

So, what's the problem with kDat?  Any solutions would be greatly

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