"Unable to open a initial console" message

"Unable to open a initial console" message

Post by Roderick W. Smi » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I recently installed RedHat 4.0 and have recompiled the kernel using
the 2.0.18 sources included on the CD.  Unfortunately, when I try to
boot the new kernel (using LOADLIN from DOS for the moment), the boot
procedure seems to run fine for a while (it gets through mounting my
SCSI devices, for instance), and then spits out the following error

error on boot: unable to open a initial console

Unfortunately, I've no idea what might be causing this.  I went
through make config again just to be sure I hadn't removed support for
something obvious, but nothing jumped out at me.  Any ideas on this
one?  Thanks.

(Oh, if possible, please e-mail as well as or instead of posting; I
expect to be away for a couple of days and so may miss a post.

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I compiled kernel version 2.0.21 on a system that was happily running 2.0.12
before, and now it won't boot, giving the above message instead of starting
init. The system will run the old kernel just fine. I found no Documentation
about this and no kernel configuration option.

What gives?

(If it matters: The system has an AMD 5k86-P90 CPU.)

(Is this a scheme by someone who sells terminals? :))

- Daniel
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