Help! I am going crazy with installation.

Help! I am going crazy with installation.

Post by B.Y » Fri, 01 Mar 1996 04:00:00

What is the reason that the Red Hat install process returns an error
during swap partition setup?  It says that the mkswap process exited
with a code 1.  What would that be?  Is my hard disk damaged?  I've
already re-partitioned my HDD (Seagate 2GB, Aha2940 driver) twice and
Slackware seems to install okay but will not boot, while Red Hat just
refuses install (or so it seems) ...


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Help! I am going crazy with installation.

Post by Ron Colli » Sat, 02 Mar 1996 04:00:00

[snipped someone else's problem]

: I had this same problem when installing last weekend. Then I read the
: docs (cannot remember which one). They said that there is an error in
: the script for mkswap. The instructions were to go to next item and then
: drop out of the express install and do the mkswap and swapon manually.
: And it then worked.

I just love this crap.  The noise in these newsgroups would be cut by

All these ding-dongs having trouble with Linux 1.2.13 or GCC 2.7.2 or
anything else.  Do you guys ever see the README files at all?  Or do
you just un-tar a bunch of files somewhere and type "make" and expect
God to do the rest?

Before installing *anything*, print out every piece of documentation you
can find -- search the FAQs, the HOWTOs, and anything that looks like
nifty info in the installation package.  Then sit down in a comfortable
chair in a quiet room, with a beer and a pack of cigarettes and read all
these print-outs through, end-to-end.  (You don't have to smoke the cigs,
they're just for atmosphere). (But you really should drink the beer).
Don't worry about _understanding_ the docs, just read 'em.

Read them again the next day, after your headache goes away.

Next, *don't* install anything.  Wait a day or two for all the information
to boil around in the back of your head.  With practice, your subconscience
will note any anomalies or potential trouble areas and will nag at you
until you get more information.

IS SAYING.  If it's outside your expertise, then ask an expert in the
newsgroups.  A few days of thinking and asking informed, intelligent
questions can save you weeks of fixing insidious little bugs.

If the documentation doesn't make any sense after all your efforts, then
don't install the damn thing.  You want to ruin your machine?

Sorry for the psuedo-flames.   Well, no, not really.  But the flames are
only aimed at the fools who say with pride "I never read the documentation".
I suspect there are several thousand lurkers out there, who, like me,
have never had a problem installing anything.  

: Trust this helps.
: --

Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

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Ok, so it is official....I should even be bothering with this stuff if
I can't even get the cds burnt..I am going CRAZY!!! with this thing.

I just got round to downloading the full images (all 3) from the sun
page onto a win me box. unzipped them using winzip and winrar
(different attempts same result) and found that the install image
burnt with Nero 5.5 first go, but the software disks keep hanging.

Same for Ezy cd creator 5.02 (314), cdrwin, discjuggler, fireburn.

All seem to run for the first couple of secs...enough to ruin the cd
and then hang.

I have tried extracting the files with winiso but it says that the
image contains multisessions and isn't supported....I actually got
that message when I was trying cdrwin,

I tried downloading software disk 1 again in separate files and
compiling to make the iso image to the same result.

The download has gone via IE (5.5) with a download assistant called
Freshfire v 4.60.

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