Avance Logic Video Card

Avance Logic Video Card

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Please help me .. I have a PCI avance logic video card with 1 meg. I have
a Sampo 19' screen. I bought the screen second hamd so I don't know its
specs..m problem is that I cannot get X to go in anything other that
640x480 I know for a fact that my hardware can do 1024x768 cause I have
done it in Dos anad win, but when I try to do it in X the screeen refuses
to sync
Frederick Mbuya
Latolankatu 9 E 44
80160 Joensuu 16


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  I have an avance logic video card and have managed to run X in
800x600 mode, has anyone moanaged to get it running in higher resolutions
with the right update speed? We have the same card (ALG2301) in one of
the dos machines and it can cope with higher resolutions.



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