2.0.35 Kernel Sounds Options... No Modules like Redhat 5.1??

2.0.35 Kernel Sounds Options... No Modules like Redhat 5.1??

Post by Heiko Jone » Sat, 18 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I cannot get the make menuconfig to let me build the sound stuff as
modules like the default redhat 5.1 distribution. It does not let me
even choose "module" as an option, only yes or no. I downloaded the
stock 2.0.35 kernel source and was attempting to build myself a kernel
for redhat 5.1.

What gives???



1. RHL 5.1 kernel upgrade to 2.0.35 rpm breaks PC speaker sound ?

I recently upgraded to the following RPMS on RHL 5.1 (i386 RPMS)


and custom compiled my kernel with modules.

Since then the PC speaker sound seems to have broken.

When using minicom once it is connected to the remote site / or a file
transfer is  complete minicom would generate an audio tone which would
go away once any key on that pty was pressed.

After the kernel upgrade now the sound is persistant (loud and annoying)
and does not go away.

I tried recompiling minicom from the src.rpm but there is no change.

The only way to make it go away I could find was to open up another login
on a different pty and once logged in hit back key (<-) or some combination
of keys which would cause the speaker to beep but due to keyboard activity
on this new pty. Once this new beep occurs all is good again.

Can anyone reproduce this on their setup and is there a better way to fix
this ?

System RPMS  (486 VLB)


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