RedHat 4.2 .rpm updates and install via FTP

RedHat 4.2 .rpm updates and install via FTP

Post by Juhani Jaakol » Fri, 01 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I have a local FTP server with RedHat 4.2 .rpm files in the RPMS
directory. Under the RPMS directory there is the updates subdirectory.
Does the RedHat install program read the newer .rpm files from the
updates directory automatically or do I have to manually mv them to the
RPMS directory?


1. RedHat 4.2 install via FTP + updated .rpm files

I have downloaded Red Hat 4.2 .rpm files to a local FTP server. I intend
to install another machine from that local FTP server.

I want to use the updated .rpm files from the updates directory. Do I
have to install the old .rpm's from the RPMS directory first or can I
direct the install program to use the new .rpm's directly? Do I have to
copy the updated .rpm's to the RPMS directory or does the install
program look there automatically?

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