isdn syncppp with dynamic ip-adress?

isdn syncppp with dynamic ip-adress?

Post by Henrik ?sterber » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00

well... my problem is that is dont have any contact with the internet
whatsoever even though  i'm actually connected with my ISP.

here's my configuration script:


isdnctrl addif ippp0
isdnctrl addphone ippp0 out $REMOTENUM
isdnctrl eaz ippp0 $LOCALNUM
isdnctrl l2_prot ippp0 hdlc
isdnctrl l3_prot ippp0 trans
isdnctrl encap ippp0 syncppp
isdnctrl huptimeout ippp0 300
isdnctrl dialmax ippp0 5
isdnctrl dialtimeout ippp0 600
isdnctrl dialwait ippp0 3
isdnctrl secure ippp0 on

ipppd name <my_username> :$REMOTEIP \
 noipdefault \
 ipcp-accept-remote \
 -vjccomp -ac -pc \
 -detach \
 mru 1524 \
 -bsdcomp \
 debug \
 /dev/ippp0 /dev/ippp1 /dev/ippp2 &

this is based on the example scripts that came with isdn4k-utils 2.0.
I use a isdn4k-utils that is only about 3-4 days old now...
i have isdn support compiled into my kernel (v. 2.1.90 )
 i don't understand all of the things in my script yet, particulary the
ipppd stuff.

the problem isn't the dns-server... neither ping nor ftp works even if I
feed it a known ip-adress: (

any good suggestions are welcome!


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I desperatly need help configuring a connection with an ascend
server using isdn4linux. Best thing would be if someone who got
that kind of connection (or something similiar) working to send
me his configuration, but I will try to describe the problem,
maybe someone has an idea.

I configured the ippp0-interface as the example-files in the
distribution suggested. When I start a client of any kind, the
connection is build up. Debugging shows that the server assigns
me my ip-adress and everything seems to work fine. Only the
client I started and that triggered the connection hangs completely.
Using strace I found out that the client hangs in the connect()-routine.

I am under the impression that this is caused by the way the
routes are assigned (but I may be completely wrong). Before
the connection is established my routing table looks like this:

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags MSS    Window Use
localhost       *      UH    3584   0        0 lo
amber           *      UH    1500   0        0 dummy
default         *      U     1500   0        0 ippp0

When the connection had been establied the default route vanished
(no matter if I set the (-)defaultroute-option to ipppd) and a new
route is there:    *      UH    1500   0        0 ippp0

( is the ascend-server).

I then assign a default route manually, and a second client I start
afterwards runs flawlessly, but the first client still hangs.

This behaviour is extremely annoying because I want to use the
connection to automatically transmit data during the night, which
is impossible up to now.

After trying for about two weeks, spending endless bucks to the
telephone company testing, I would be really grateful for anyone
sending me his complete configuration for a setup similiar to mine,
including ifconfig-output, route-output, configuration-scripts
and ipppd-parameters.



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