Font error in XDOS (dosemu)

Font error in XDOS (dosemu)

Post by Jon D. Slat » Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:00:00

When I start "xdos" (dosemu) I get the following message:

CPU speed set to 333/1 MHz
Running on CPU=586, FPU=1 rdtsc=1
ERROR: X: unable to open font "vga"ERROR: , trying "vga"...
ERROR: X: unable to open font "9x15"ERROR: , trying "9x15"...

After I get these messages, xdos starts, and runs fine.

The messages are just annoying.

Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

Please send e-mail suggestions to:

Thank in advance for your help!



1. xdos (dosemu with X) problem and vga font

        I have a PC running RedHat 5.0 with dosemu end xdosemu
installed. To get dos running (i.e. to install your hardisk C image)
is a real pain because the only documentation assume that you have
compiled yourself dosemeu and have the source tree. Nevertheles I have
manage to get dos running. But then when I try to run xdos I have a

no vga font, use 9x15 instead

then a window with a titile Dos in a Box and nothing. The onl;y way to
get out is then to kill the process.


1) Is the problem arize from the lack of vga font? I have looked at
the /usr/X11R6/lib/fonts/misc directory and see the font vga.pcf
there, but xlsfont does not list the vga font.

2) Most likely problem is not because of font, but what is the casue ?

3) Actually I am quite rather satisfied runing dos (dosemu) inside an
xterm window. It work except that the function key dosn't seem to be
recognized. I just wonder what more I get xdos (and xtermdos). If they
do not provide any more functionality, I can just throw them away and
don't bother any more why they don't work.



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