Red Hat 6.2 install freezes

Red Hat 6.2 install freezes

Post by Vilmos Sot » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

> I have installed Corel & Storm Linux both on the same system.
> While installing Red Hat 6.2 it freezes when installing:
> Package : glibc-2.1.3-15
> Size : 32,163 kbytes
> Summary : The GNU libc libraries
> I have tried to install it many times & it stops in the same place every
>  time & I let it sit for 30 min or more.

Try switching virtual terminals and see what's going on. You might be
able to find some clue.

Quote:> My hard drive is a 1 gig Maxtor partitioned as (32meg primary Win98 FAT)
> & I did not set any more partitions on the drive.
> Red Hat 6.2 did an automatic partition.

You have a really small drive. I wouldn't be surprised if your partition
is just filled up at that package. That is 32 MB.



Red Hat 6.2 install freezes

Post by Gary Daniel » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

It was the hard drive.
I put in a WD 3.25 it's installing now.


1. Red Hat 6.2 won't install, freezes on Adaptec 2940 controller.

I have had Red Hat on my systems for almost two years, starting with 5.2
and now with 6.2ish.

My dad is a big computer-tinkering guy, and is trying to install Red Hat
6.2 on an Athelon 700 with three or four SCSI disks, an IDE drive or
two, not sure what graphics card, mobo, etc..  but he's using an adaptec
2940 u2w controller, and every time I go through the install process it
freezes loading the AIC7xxx driver.

If I boot into expert mode, I see that it stops when it's trying to scan
the bus.  So I suspect that is the problem.  

I downloaded the latest 6.2 install diskette, but it didn't seem to help
any.  He will be installing it on a SCSI drive, so I'm not sure what to

Any suggestions?

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