Tring to set-up Linux Permission Denied ON D:\

Tring to set-up Linux Permission Denied ON D:\

Post by Steven A. DuChen » Tue, 21 Nov 1995 04:00:00

You need to issue the following command (assuming I am reading your message
correctly about wanting to access your second IDE drive):

        fdisk /dev/hdb

This tells fdisk that you want to work with the second hard drive rather than
the first. Good Luck!
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1. Login denied: No shell: permission denied

On my linux sever at the house I get this message when any user except root
tries to login:

login denied: no shell: permission denied

I caused this myself (yes I'm a newbie) while I was telnetting into the box
from out of state.  I was changing permissions with chmod.  Of course I
could no longer telnet into the box to fix the problem and had to wait to
fix it.  I knew I wouldn't have physical access to the server for 3 months
so I wrote down the commands I used to cause this problem, but by the time I
got home this was of course lost.
I added new users and tried them with no luck. I tried to chmod 777 the
/homes directory and this did not help
I know that this is a stupid problem but I have looked everywhere for the
answer.  If anyone can help me I sure would appreciate it.  If you could
email me it would be even better.

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