read-only file permissions when booting

read-only file permissions when booting

Post by Clay Spinuzz » Tue, 02 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Sorry, I didn't find this answer in the FAQ or other sources. I've just
installed a base Linux system and everything works fine except that when
I boot from LILO, the system boots read-only--and *stays* there.

I know that the kernel is supposed to boot read-only so that e2fsck can
be run on it. But it's not supposed to *stay* that way, right...? Seems
to me that immediately after running e2fsck, the init process should
somehow give write access to me. Can't find that point in inittab or any
of the other startup files, though.

My temporary fix has been to use rdev to tell the kernel to boot
read-write, then cat vmlinuz > /dev/fd0 and use that floppy to boot. It
gives me an error since the read-write filesystem can't be checked, but
at least I can make changes to the system then.

Anybody know what's happening with this and what I need to do?



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I have rather stupidly set a file on a hosted web site to have no read
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Write permissions but they don't help.  The file doesn't show up in
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I cannot delete it or CHMOD it by name and I cannot delete the
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but I can't do anything with it there.

Any suggestions?


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