Configuring Xfree for my NEC 4DS monitor and my ATI VGA Wonder card-

Configuring Xfree for my NEC 4DS monitor and my ATI VGA Wonder card-

Post by Daniel C Glas » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 09:04:05

Hi, I have been having troubles installing Xfree for slackware (I
think I have version 3.1) and was wondering if anyone had the
clockrates for my Monitor.  It seems that the autoconfig is not
picking up anything but 0's for the clock rate.  Any help would be




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: Hi .. I'm having problem configuring my ATI VGA Wonder 28800-5 card to
: work in XFree-3.1.  I've tried all the clocks and configurations from
: .../X11/doc/Devices and  .../X11/doc/Monitors (the ones for ATI card
: and NEC 3D monitor). I also read the README.ati file and tried running
: ConfigXF86; but I still couldn't get X to display any thing other than
: jagged black/white stripes on the screen.
:       My setup worked before with XFree 2.1. until in "upgraded" my
: system to Slackware 2.10 with XFree3.1.  I'm running this on a 386-40
: w/o a Co-proc. and 16Meg of Ram.
:       Please drop me a few lines if you have any suggestion . Thanks
: in advance.
: --- LuoNg

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