Multisession CD-ROM's

Multisession CD-ROM's

Post by John Pfaf » Wed, 10 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know if it is possible to mount a single session of a
multisession CD?  How about a little background.  A while back, I made a
CD backup of some things - that worked fine.  Then I made a second
session with yet some more stuff.  This I did a third time.  Now when I
mount the CD, all I get is the third (final) session.  Curious, though,
I tried to look at the CD via MS-DOS, did 'dir d:', and got a directory
listing of the FIRST session.  From that moment on, all I could get was
the third session.  I don't know what this means, but maybe it's a
clue.  TIA for any advice, clues, etc.


1. Can't install Yggdrasil summer 94 CD-ROM with SCSI-1 CD-ROM


  I can't install my Yggdrasil summer 94 CD-ROM with the following SCSI
related configuration :
  1) 1 Adaptec 1542C controller
  2) 1 240MB SCSI-2 hard disk
  3) 1 Sound Blaster 16 AIC-6360 sound card
  4) 1 NEC SCSI-1 CD-ROM (I say it is SCSI-1 because ezscsi.exe provided by
     Adaptec detects it as a SCSI-1 one without support for parity checking).

  I have tried to install Linux with the following two configurations :
  1) connect the CD-ROM to SB16 card and the hard disk to 1542C controller :
     I typed the command
     Linux aha152x=0x340,11,7,1
     to boot Linux but failed after a long period of detecting my CD-ROM
     and dumped a lot of messages about the queue status.
     I noticed that the parity checking is enabled.

  2) connect the CD-ROM and hard disk to 1542C with parity checking disabled
     while just connect the sound output from CD-ROM to SB16 card only :

     I used the default booting process and it failed a lot faster and told
     me that it can't mount the CD-ROM (kernel panic : unable to mount VFS).

  These two configurations work fine under both OS/2 2.1 and DOS/Windows.

  Now I need help to the following questions :
  1) How can I install Linux using this CD-ROM with such config ?
  2) Which other CD-ROM distribution can I use to install Linux ?

  One of the major reasons to buy CD-ROM is to run Linux. Failing to do so
frustrated me a lot. Please help me !

Thanks in advance,

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