ATI mobile chipset and redhat 6.2...

ATI mobile chipset and redhat 6.2...

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Is there somewhere I can look to get the correct video settings for my
hardware so I can see the gui? This would be a huge step for me....thanks.

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1. problem with AT24 chipset in Redhat 6.2/Xfree86 3.6.6

I'm old to unix but new to Linux, and have just installed RH 6.2.
When I installed I just chose Generic Monitor & Generic VGA card
and things worked fine. However, the X resolution was much too
large, I could only see a small part of the screen, and of course I thought
the right thing to do was reconfigure X to use my card and monitor.
So I tried to modify, then recreate, the XF86Config file; stupidly, I didn't
keep the original version. I have three questions:

    1) How can I generate the XF86Config file that the installation
    generated? I've tried xfs86config and Xconfigurator. Neither
    one produces something that works. I can't find XF86Setup,
    so I (blindly) assume that's not the one either.

    2) I have used xfs86config with the real parameters for my
    card & monitor. According to all the documentation I can find
    I should let XF86_SVGA probe my Alliance ProMotion AT24.
    When I do this, X finds (correctly) that the card has 1.5MB ram,
    then bails out with an error message: "cannot find aperture for
    configured amount of RAM" (or something like that).

    3) When I take this XF86Config file that gives the mentioned
    error, and edit it so that it specifies "VideoRam 1024", *then*
    X starts. And, the resolution is 1024x768, as should be. However
    the display size is about half the screen, centered in the middle.
    Is this because I've (deliberately, so X will start) mispecified
    the RAM? Or is that a monitor problem (I was careful to get
    the hsync & vsync parameters for the monitor, though it is
    not listed in the Monitor support)?

Thanks for any help. Please copy me on any replies.

Jeph Herrin

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