Red Hat 3.0.3 -- please help :<

Red Hat 3.0.3 -- please help :<

Post by » Sat, 14 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi all...

  I am a newbie in installing LInux on my own system... I just got
"Red Hat Linux Unleashed" (with the 3.0.3)  on Monday... Ok some

I am running OS/2...
have a Sony CDU 55 S (SCSI) 2 X CD ROM.
Using My SoundBlaster 16 SCSI-2 as the controller (compatible with the
AHA1510 and 1510A)

I make the boot floppies and the ramdisk .IMG files ... i try to
install... it will not see my CD ROM drive... and it will drop me from
teh installation process as soon as it asks me for a host name for my

I have picked the boot0019.IMG  since that is the most closely matched
to my hardware.. and YES I did check the CONF0019 file to make sure
that the CONFIG_SCSI_AHA152X=y  was there!  =)

But whatever I try it will not install!! :(  

And YES again.. i have read all the FAQs and DOCs I had on CD and some
on the Web.. but none help me...

I have tried the boot: parameters:

        linux aha151x=0x340,11,3
        linux aha151x=0x340,11,3,1
        linux aha151x=0x340,11,3,0,1
        linux aha151x=0x340,11,3,1,1

None worked...  I can't think of anything else to try... I have heard
the suggestions of copying the entire CD to my drive and then run it
from there.. but the CD is about 590MB!  and I only have a 300MB FAT
partition that I can use... the rest is set aside for Linux and is
HPFS formated for OS/2.

If anyone could help me on this matter I'd greatly appreciate it...
please e.mail.. since I do not make much time after work to read

oh.. btw... my CD ROM is configured for ID 3 w/the parity jumper set.
the SCSI (SB 16) is set for Base I/O Add: 340H, and IRQ 11.

Thanks for you time!



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