RH 6.0 Hard Drive install "symlink" error message

RH 6.0 Hard Drive install "symlink" error message

Post by John Layn » Sat, 01 May 1999 04:00:00


The system I am needing to upgrade does not have a network connection
right now. So, I downloaded all 540 MB or so of the 6.0 distribution
using wget onto a ext2-formatted jaz disk. I then copied it all to the
other systems hard drive using cp rp (to perserve the symbolic
links).  I made the install diskette and the upgrade went fine: updated
the rmp database, etc, and gave me the log will be stored in .. OK box
and then I got an error message to the tune of: a symlink to the
source file could not be established

Any suggestions?



1. RH 6.0 Hard Drive install "symlink" error message

It turns out that I figured out what the problem was. I had the software
in a directory called redhat on the disk that mounts as /home. (I
thought that this would be a safe place to put it.) But in looking
closer at the error messages in Alt-F3, I saw "device sda4 is already
mounted -- using symlink" "Failed to create symlink: /mnt//home: File

So, I then added another SCSI drive and mounted it "noauto" and copied
the redhat directory to it. I was then able to use that drive and to
install without a glitch.

I would hope that one "should" be able to use a partition that mounts as
/home (or as /usr). I thought that I could install off my jaz drive, but
I had it formated as a ext2 drive and the install insisted that any jaz
drive should be dos.

Hope this helps someone.

- John Layne

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