Printer: Office Jet 570

Printer: Office Jet 570

Post by Tom Zeltwang » Wed, 13 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to get an HP OfficeJet 570 working with Linux. I had been using a
DeskJet 540, no problem. When I switched to the 570, I get half-sized
print. Does anybody have a printcap or filter files that are known to work
with this printer? I am running RedHat v4.0

Thanks for any help,


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I have just installed Slackware 3.3 on an Intel Pentium Pro.  I tried
following the instructions in the "Printing HOWTO" for setting up my
printer without much luck.  In Windows 95, my printer port is LPT1.

I tried lp0.  When I print to this port and do an lpq right after, I can
the see that the print job is queued but it also warns me that the
printer may be ofline.

I then tried lp1.  In this case lpq just shows me "no entries".  However
nothing comes out on the printer either.

Any help in configuring this printer is appreciated.  Since I am in
Win95, I do not have a copy of my /etc/printcap, but I will post it as a


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