Printcap entry/input filter for HP DesignJet 350C

Printcap entry/input filter for HP DesignJet 350C

Post by Jeffrey Sutherlan » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Could anyone please suggest an appropriate printcap entry and input
filter settings for a HP DesignJet 350C plotter?  Using RedHat 5.2 here,
its printer config utility has no suitable entry.  My experiments so far
have been fruitless (to say the least...)



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We're trying to set up a Linux box to be the print server for a HP
DesignJet 350C. We'd like to be able to print to it from Windows
machines remotely. Our initial solution was to use a dedicated
Lantronix print server, which is turning out to be a disaster--we
almost spend more time fixing the damned thing than using it. In comes
Liunx. How can I convince Linux to act like the Lantronix box? Just
setting up a printcap entry as you would do for a PS capable local
printer does not do the trick. Do I have to fiddle around with
Ghostscript (specifying the 650C driver that comes with GhostScript
on Redhat Linux doesn't seem to work either), or do something more

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