Printer issue...Mandrake..LPT1

Printer issue...Mandrake..LPT1

Post by Leonar » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Ref: Printer and  the Que...

My printjobs are queued up in klpq but down at the
bottom of the que screen is a note stating that the
printer is not started or ready.

I need to start LPT1...but, just what is the start command?
This is under Mandrake-Redhat....I can print directly using the
test function to print ASCII to the printer and PostScript...but,
somehow the que is holding my print jobs up. Any ideas?

Also, Netscape seems to be having problems finding my printer..
he says "lp not found".....this sounds like basic stuff...any ideas?

Many thanks,


P.S. BTW, this is using a new Canon 2010 BubbleJet printer...
        The test and some HOW-To's I printed really came out
         fine! I bought this as a gamble it would far, so
         If your were looking for something cheap for the Linux
         this thing seems to be working out...but hold on, I really
         run enough tests. These are really "low cost" printers...less
         than $80 at discount stores.