McAfee Anti-virus, NT & Linux

McAfee Anti-virus, NT & Linux

Post by tall.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I just received a couple of cdrom distributions I ordered from
CheapBytes. Since I always scan programs & disks for viruses before
installing them, I tried to scan the cdrom's on the computer at work
which is running NT.
When I popped in the first cd, the download version of Corel's Linux,
McAfee crashed shortly and a blue screen popped up with some kind of
memory dump (& a screen full of technical mumbo-jumbo). Is this
because McAfee hit some kind of program that wouldn't allow scanning,
or something to do with Linux's different type of file system, or what?
I'm almost afraid to try it on my home computer now.

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Before you buy.


1. anti-virus software maker 'predicts' increase in 'Linux-based' Viruses !

Talk about using scare tactics to sell product !!

I put this one up there with Network Associates telling people that
the New York water supply was under threat from 'hackers' unless
people bought more virus software. Stock in NA went through the roof !

Central Command Predicts Linux-based Viruses to Increase as Linux OS
Moves on to Corporate and Consumer Desktops
Tuesday March 18, 1:27 pm ET

MEDINA, Ohio, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Central Command, Inc., a
leading provider of PC anti-virus software and computer security
services today warns of the importance of installing and maintaining
current anti-virus protection on the Linux operating system (Linux).
".. virus protection solutions for Linux workstation, servers and mail
servers starting at $34.95 .."
....... end quote .......

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